Andrew Tate could face Jeffrey Epstein-like fate?

Andrew Tate could face Jeffrey Epstein-like fate?



The controversial British-American influencer Andrew Tate, who was arrested alongside his brother Tristan and will reportedly be held in detention in Romania for 30 days, may be put on suicide watch to avoid pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s like fate.

Epstein, the financier who was long dogged by accusations of sexual abuse and trafficking, reportedly killed himself in a jail cell, spurring federal inquiries into why he was not being more closely monitored and angering his accusers, who said they had hoped to have his crimes aired in open court.

Tate was taken into custody alongside his brother Tristan on Thursday as part of an investigation into allegations of human trafficking and rape, which they categorically deny.  Authorities suspect the pair, along with two Romanian men, of running “an organised crime group”.

Outside the court, the Tates’ lawyer, Eugen Vidineac, said they would appeal against the detention. “We are not at a stage where guilt or innocence is proven, for now we only discuss preventive measures,” he added. 

Tate is reportedly facing ‘guards who abuse inmates’ in a ‘cockroach-ridden hellhole’.

The Council of Europe’s Committee for the Prevention of Torture and Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment revealed the conditions of the ‘cockroach infested cells’, claiming “Material conditions in all the prisons visited were generally poor.”

There are speculations and rumours that the former professional kickboxer may end up facing the same fate as Epstein, given the conditions of the prison. 

According to The Mirror, “With cells dilapidated, lacking equipment (storage space, tables and chairs), and mattresses and bedding worn out and infested with bed bugs and cockroaches. Many complaints were received about the very limited access to hot water as well as in respect of the insufficient in-cell heating in winter.”

“The report details several allegations of physical ill-treatment including sexual abuse by staff and raises serious concerns over the lack of recording of injuries by the health-care service and failures to investigate allegations effectively.”

On the other hand, Tate has released another tweet following news of his detention in Romania, saying: “My unmatched perspicacity coupled with sheer indefatigability makes me a feared opponent in any realm of human endeavor.”

He also added, “For every domain the Matrix shuts down, we have dozens ready to replace it.” The end of Tate’s tweet also included a link to his Hustlers University course.

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