Andrew Tate is being ‘set up’ just because he’s ‘outspoken,’ says YouTuber

Andrew Tate is being ‘set up’ just because he’s ‘outspoken,’ says YouTuber



Controversial social media influencer Andrew Tate has received support from a Dubai-based YouTuber, Tam Khan, following his high-profile arrest in Romania on Dec. 30, 2023.

Khan, on Saturday, released a video, claiming that controversial kickboxer is innocent.

In a video titled ‘The Arrest of Andrew & Tristan – Tam Khan’s Message’, the YouTuber explained why he thinks his friend of over 15 years, Tate, is innocent and supposedly being ‘set-up.’

Khan, also known as TK Talks, said at the start of the video, “First things first, I would like to offer my duas and prayers to brother Andrew. Being a Muslim, that’s our duty.”

Khan, who is also a former MMA fighter, claimed that he has spent a lot of time with Tate for over 15 years behind the scenes, describing him as one of the “nicest and most loving guys.”

He emphasized that unless given video proof of Tate committing stated crime, he will not accept the allegations as true.

In another tweet, Khan said, “He is a brother to me & I KNOW he is innocent. Whatever they say or try.”

“Hate him all you want, that’s fine. You have every right. But don’t allow them to set a person up for a crime just because he is outspoken,” he added.

Meanwhile, a Romanian court on Friday ordered the 30-day-detention of Tate following his arrest for alleged human trafficking and forming a criminal group charges.

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