Canadian folk singer Ian Tyson dies at 89

Canadian folk singer Ian Tyson dies at 89



Canadian folk singer Ian Tyson dies at 89
Canadian folk singer Ian Tyson dies at 89

Ian Tyson, a musician best known for being one-half of the 1960s folk singing duo Ian and Sylvia, died on Thursday at the age of 89, according to Mid-Day.

As per reports, the cause of his death is confirmed to be the health complications that he was facing for some time now. The Canadian country music icon started performing under the name Ian and Sylvia in the early 1960s with her future wife Sylvia Fricker.

Ian and Sylvia successfully established themselves as key members of the New York Folk scene in the decade of 1960s and early 1970s. The two got married in 1965 and 1975 saw the professional and marital split between the couple as Ian and Sylvia got divorced as well as ended their music duo. Ian and Sylvia founded the Speckled band Bird in the early 1960s which is claimed to be the pioneering of the emerging country-rock trend.

After the divorce, Ian devoted himself back to Canada. Some of Ian’s famous tracks include 18 Inches of Rain, Cowboyography, Songs Along a Gravel Road, and Yellowhead to Yellowstone and Other Love Stories.

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