Dua Lipa eyeing acting gig that ‘will receive Oscar buzz’

Dua Lipa eyeing acting gig that ‘will receive Oscar buzz’



Dua Lipa eyeing acting gig that will receive Oscar buzz
Dua Lipa eyeing acting gig that ‘will receive Oscar buzz’

After having an immense success as a singer, Dua Lipa is now hoping to make waves in the film industry.

The 27-year-old singer, who will be soon seen sharing the screen with Henry Cavill in an upcoming spy drama Argylle, is now planning to bad an Oscar.

“Dua’s received a tonne of scripts and is most interested in taking on the serious drama that will receive Oscars buzz.

“She wants to really start pursuing acting,” an insider told The Sun.

“She is planning to set up her own TV and film production company so she and her team can option stories she believes in and take them to market with bigger studios,” the source added.

This came after the singer recently opened up about filming the spy drama: “It was really exciting. But I think for me it’s, like, baby steps.”

“That’s also the best way to discover yourself, rather than throwing yourself in the deep end with something that maybe you can’t completely tackle head-on,” she said on her iHeartMedia podcast.

“My biggest fear would be taking on a really big role and being, like, (expletive), now I have to be an actor and feel these emotions and feelings on camera, when I haven’t brought myself up to that point yet.”

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