Meghan Markle wants world to know she’s ‘fine without Prince Harry’

Meghan Markle wants world to know she’s ‘fine without Prince Harry’



Experts have branded Meghan Markle’s recent action as ‘proof’ she wants to show the world how popular she is without Prince Harry.

Royal commentator and expert Angela Levin made these admissions and claims regarding the Duchess of Sussex.

She brought everything to light during an interview with Sky News Australia.

In her chat, Ms Levin started off by accusing Meghan Markle of being lacklustre without Prince Harry by her side.

So much so that the expert even went on to say, “Without him, she’s nothing.”

This is precisely why Ms Levin feels the chances of a divorce are very small, despite the fact that Meghan seems intent on proving that “she’s really strong on her own.”

She also went on to say, “Whatever they did, they did together, and they were so happy that way. But now there’s been no contact. There’s no touching. There’s no helping.”

For those unversed, all these claims have come in response to admissions that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have sold their Montecito home for more separate living arrangements.

This insight in particular has been shared by a source that wishes to remain anonymous.

Per their findings, the pair has “sold their mansion in Montecito” and Prince Harry now lives in another place.

“Not sure if the house was sold but I had heard a couple weeks ago he was staying someplace else there,” the anonymous insider also noted before concluding.

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