Prince Harry’s ITV bombshell sets royal Twitter on fire: ‘Heartbreaking’

Prince Harry’s ITV bombshell sets royal Twitter on fire: ‘Heartbreaking’



Prince Harry sat down with ITV’s Tom Brady for a bombshell interview to promote his memoir Spare and the trailer has divided royal Twitter.

The Duke of Sussex’s upcoming interview is set to release in full two days before the January 10 release of his memoir Spare, with the jilted duke saying in the trailer that he wants his father and brother, King Charles and Prince William, back.

He also told Bradby that ‘it never needed to be this way’ and insinuated that ‘they’ (Charles and William) have shown no interest in reconciling with him.

Soon after the release of the trailer, royal fans flooded Twitter with their reactions, with some pointing out how ‘heartbreaking’ the situation between Harry and his family is to others sharing how he comes across ‘pathetic’.

One user tweeted: “He seems so lost. His family is all he has ever known and they have turned their back on him because he got lost along the way. It’s heartbreaking to watch.”

Meanwhile, another wrote sarcastically, “Generally speaking I find that slagging your family off multiple times to a global audience tends to get in the way of any chance of reconciliation. Could be just me though.”

One other said, “Harry looks so sad all the time. I really do feel bad for him but I can totally understand why his family are so angry with him. I’m not sure there’s ever going to be room for a reconciliation.”

And another tweeted: “No attempt to reconcile? How can they when they knew the book and docu-series were coming out and you were recording video notes since 2020. I’m sure they’d love to have a conversation knowing it wouldn’t be potentially replayed via another interview in several months…”

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