Prince Harry’s memoir ghostwriter JR Moeringer not allowed to argue about Spare details?

Prince Harry’s memoir ghostwriter JR Moeringer not allowed to argue about Spare details?



Prince Harry’s much-awaited memoir Spare, set to hit shelves on January 10, has been talk of the town about as several experts have shared their thoughts ahead of its release.

There’s one man who knows more than most about the Duke’s upcoming memoir Spare – Prince Harry’s ghostwriter, the former-journalist-turned-novelist JR Moeringer. He’s an American author who also penned Andre Agassi’s award-winning autobiography Open.

To know about Moeringer’s role, royal commentator Katie Spencer talked to Andrew Crofts – who’s ghostwritten more than 80 books for other people, including celebrity best-sellers.

Crofts believes selecting an “outsider” to England is a smart move to write Harry’s memoir. It’s quite good to have an American ghosting this book because they’re coming to it with less background knowledge.”

To a question about Harry’s ghostwriter, whose own memoir was the subject of Ben Affleck’s film The Tender Bar which came out at the start of 2022, Crofts appeared unconvinced that Moeringer’s background will mean a focus on the prince’s father, King Charles.

“Maybe, if that’s his interest, he would ask more questions about the father-son relationship and make certain assumptions based on his own experience, but he shouldn’t really. I mean, he’s being a professional.”

Crofts adds, it’s unlikely Harry will have been challenged on any of the opinions he expresses in the book as a good ghost needs to be “totally non-confrontational, totally uncritical”.

“A ghostwriter should never argue with them, even if they radically disagree with what they’re saying. That’s not the job. Whatever the subject matter is the ghostwriter goes along with it, just like a lawyer would,” Crofts revealed.

Meanwhile, broadcaster and royal specialist Jennie Bond says it’s hard to imagine he’s much left to share: “I have a lot of sympathy for them. They did not like the life they were in. But I can’t imagine there’s really anything else to say unless they have more barbs to point at their own family.”

It’s claimed that Harry’s book may dominate best-seller lists due to controversies, claims about his own father King Charles, stepmother Camilla, Brother Prince William and sister-in-law Kate Middleton. Through pre-sales alone, it is already number 1 in Amazon’s Hot New Releases In Books.

Details of Prince Harry’s upcoming bombshell autobiography have already been leaked to the press, suggesting it won’t be a good food for the royals.

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