Royal author Angela Levin flays Prince Harry for his mew show

Royal author Angela Levin flays Prince Harry for his mew show



Prince Harry has received fresh backlash over his new claims about the royal family in a latest interview ahead of his hotly-anticipated memoir’s release.

In the twenty-second trailer for his interview with ITV’s Tom Bradby, The Duke of Sussex appeared making reconciliation offer to his royal relatives, sayin he wants his father and brother, King Charles and Prince William, back.

Royal experts and fans took a savage swipe at the Duke for his repeated claims. Harry also made reconciliation offer to the palace at the same time.

Reacting to Harry’s unexpected move ahead of his much-awaited book, royal author Angela Levin said: “Harry says ‘silence is betrayal’ (from his family). But if they had said anything he and Meghan would have jumped on them. Instead they are behaving with dignity and getting on with their important jobs.”

Soon after the release of the trailer, royal commentators and fans flooded Twitter with their reactions.

Another royal expert Richard Eden also shared his thoughts on Meghan Markle’s hubby Prince Harry’s reconciliation offer to King Charles and Prince William, saying: “If he genuinely wanted reconciliation, this is definitely NOT the way to go about it. #royal.”

 Richard added: “I want my brother back!’ declares #PrinceHarry in a trailer for his @itvnews interview to promote his memoirs.”

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