‘Wednesday’ creators explain Wednesday, ‘Smallville’s Clark Kent as ‘one-note character’

‘Wednesday’ creators explain Wednesday, ‘Smallville’s Clark Kent as ‘one-note character’



Tim Burton’s Wednesday has set new viewership record for Netflix.

Following its massive success, the series runners Al Gough and Miles Millar have addressed the similarities of the title character (played by Jenna Ortega) and the CW’s long-running superhero series Smallville’s Clark Kent.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the duo of showrunners revealed that there are a lot more connections between Wednesday and Clark Kent than fans noticed.

“Wednesday seems like a one-note character, and I’ve always found Clark Kent a one-note character. He’s just sort of a goody, goody, and Wednesday’s sort of just a snarky kid,” Millar said.

“As a writer, take characters like those — kind of like extremes by the way — and then make them feel human? I think that really was our goal. Any writer’s goal is to make characters that feel human and real and have emotional complexity,” he added.

Explaining Clark’s case, he said, “how did he become the man he becomes, just a superhero, who is all about doing good for the world?” and the noted Wednesday’s character, saying, “the journey there is, we don’t know where it’s gonna go. No one’s ever seen adult Wednesday.”

Co-showrunner Gough further explained that, for many years, viewers and readers just associated Clark Kent and Wednesday to certain given aspects and personality traits that were never questioned.

Wednesday is now available to stream on Netflix.

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