Will King Charles step aside for Prince William as monarch?

Will King Charles step aside for Prince William as monarch?



Will King Charles step aside for Prince William as monarch?

King Charles will not abdicate for son Prince William, and would carry on his mother Queen Elizabeth’s tradition of wearing the crown until the end.

This has been predicted by Patrick Price, who specialises in tarot readings for horoscope and astrology.

Patrick claims come amid royal experts suggestions that the monarch may step aside for William to be King before his death.

He claims King Charles will wear the crown until the end despite upcoming challenges.

Patrick told Express UK, “Both Charles and Camilla will have the Sun (which represents the self) in their third house (the house of the mind, intellect, and legacy), at the same time as each other.

“This may suggest that the royal household will remain very stable and unified and have a period of strength during their reign. This level of stability and unity in astrology might suggest a longer tenure.”

The expert further said: “There are several upcoming transits that may give a glimpse into the mentality Charles could have when it comes to his outlook on passing on the throne to William before his death.

“One such transit is when Pluto passes through his sixth house. Pluto is the planet of renewal and can be a good planet to follow in order to see someone’s career choices, and the sixth house relates to health and daily routines.

“Pluto coming into this house would possibly imply that Charles will seek to fulfil his duties until the end and would carry on his mother’s tradition of wearing the crown until the end.”

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