Anna Kendrick reflects on past toxic relationship

Anna Kendrick reflects on past toxic relationship



Alice, Darling: Anna Kendrick reflects on past toxic relationship
‘Alice, Darling’: Anna Kendrick reflects on past toxic relationship 

Anna Kendrick opened up on her past abusive experience affected her new movie Alice, Darling.

During an interview with the Los Angeles Times, the film’s executive producer said, That was a big part of my problem. ‘Well he never hit me, and I’m not really afraid that he’s going to hit me. 

How do I discern between normal conflict and abuse? Why is my body in so much fear all of the time? Why do I wake up feeling like he’s in bed next to me and wondering, ‘OK, do I have 30 seconds before I start performing or … ?'”

The relationship made doubt her experience; she added, “He’s so convinced that I am a monster that I can’t see how I am not.”

And she doesn’t necessarily believe the abuse have the possibility to turned physical.

“You don’t have to believe that it might get physical for you to feel like you’re allowed to leave, that you deserve to be treated better, deserve to feel safe,” she told the LA Times.

Kendrick said that she “related to Alice’s obsessive mind.”

Anna Kendrick-starrer Alice, Darling tells a story of a girl with a psychologically abusive boyfriend and her efforts to break her codependency.

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