Victoria Beckham uses David Beckham romance to promote brand?

Victoria Beckham uses David Beckham romance to promote brand?



Victoria Beckham seems to be promoting her brand in recent loved-up Christmas picture with husband David Beckham, claimed expert.

Speaking to The Sun, body language expert Judi James analyzed the couple’s photo in which the fashion designer could be seen donning a “All I Want for Christmas is David Beckham” shirt.

James noted that the image shows a shift in their marriage dynamic, adding that Victoria dropped the snap to promote their brand rather than display her love for her husband.

“In the photo with David, Victoria seems to be enjoying looking like she’s his gift rather than the other way around,” the expert said.

“She keeps both her arms down rather than wrapping her left arm around David in a reciprocal hug and she creates a barrier between them.

“The slogan on her hoodie suggests she’s still his fan after 23 years of marriage, but the words ‘All I Want for Christmas is David Beckham ‘ shows an admiration for the football hero and his brand rather than the man himself.

“By acknowledging the fame, desirability, and brand of her partner like this, Victoria’s just creating PR puff for Brand Beckham as a couple,” she added.

After tying the knot in 1999, Victoria Beckham and David Beckham, who are now parents to four kids, worked hard towards making their brand a big success.

Analyzing their body language in the Christmas photo, James further said, “Victoria’s Christmas photo shows David in a rather rare pose of seeming to be the one instigating the touch and adoration rituals.”

“Victoria accepts them rather than reciprocating his movements,” she shared. “Over the many years of their marriage, it has usually been Victoria performing the overkill rituals of partnership and closeness.

“Here, the body language balance and symmetry appear to have altered in this idealized photo,” James noted. “His closed lips beaming smile suggests she’s the catch here and he’s lucky to have her.”

“While David’s facial and eye expression suggests a fun approach, Victoria has adopted a dreamy smile that suggests she wants to promote a more romantic ideal.

“Dig down into the pose and it’s uncomfortable enough to look like a moment for the cameras of course for her rather than something more spontaneous.”

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