Edward Norton’s remarks on Leonardo DiCaprio dating young models go viral

Edward Norton’s remarks on Leonardo DiCaprio dating young models go viral



Edward Norton spilled the beans on close pal Leonardos dating preference
Edward Norton spilled the beans on close pal Leonardo’s dating preference 

Leonardo DiCaprio has found himself entangled in the spotlight of backlash regarding his love life, causing a dent in his reputation. 

Rumors have been swirling, suggesting that the Hollywood heartthrob has a penchant for dating women under the age of 24, with the only exception being Gigi Hadid. Allegedly, the two have been in a relationship since September 2022.

Among the numerous rumors surrounding DiCaprio’s dating life, Indian-British fashion model Neelam Gill recently addressed the speculation linking her to the Once Upon A Time… In Hollywood star. 

She clarified that she is, in fact, dating one of his close friends, which explains their frequent appearances together. Another model, Maya Jama, was also rumored to be associated with DiCaprio, but the reports regarding Gigi Hadid have remained constant since last year.

Interestingly, Edward Norton, a close friend of Leonardo DiCaprio, couldn’t resist making playful yet thought-provoking comments about the Titanic star’s dating habits during a 2016 appearance on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon. 

In good humor, Norton stated, “Leo, I love him but he’s like… he’s very addicted to devices and things like that, right, and I know this about him.”

With a smile, Edward Norton continued, “He’s like the human equivalent of ‘call waiting’. If you’re talking to him, he’s talking but checking because this club might be blowing up or that club might be. He’s trying to figure out which club is blowing up and which Israeli supermodel turned eighteen.”

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