Neelam Gill throws Leonardo DiCaprio girlfriend rumours out

Neelam Gill throws Leonardo DiCaprio girlfriend rumours out



Neelam Gill is dating Leonardo DiCaprios friend
Neelam Gill is dating Leonardo DiCaprio’s friend

Neelam Gill has put the brakes on wild speculations after she was labeled Leonardo DiCaprio’s new girlfriend after she was spotted with him.

Taking to Instagram Story, she said, “Just to clear up any rumors… I am not Leonardo DiCaprio’s ‘new flame,'”. “In fact, I am in a committed relationship with his good friend and have been for many months now.”

“The only reason we have been pictured in the same vicinity is because I have been there with my partner,” Gill continued. “I hope this clears up the false stories.”

The rumours started to get pitch high when the pair were photographed on a yacht in Sardinia, Italy, where both bathed under the sun.

Meanwhile, the Oscar winner actor has so far remained mum on the issue. DiCaprio has an infamous romantic life, where he was teased that he was seeking girls half of his age.

According to reports, the Inception star’s latest love interest was pointed to supermodel Gigi Hadid.

Meanwhile, the 48-year-old is busy in social activism as he earlier announced to fund a climate education program and Lab School’s scholarships.

“I am proud to have the chance to pass on my experience to those who might otherwise miss out on this opportunity,” DiCaprio added, “and to help create a program that will help guide the next generation of climate warriors.”

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