Christopher Nolan considers ‘Insomnia’ his most underrated, personal work

Christopher Nolan considers ‘Insomnia’ his most underrated, personal work



Christopher Nolan considers Insomnia his most underrated, personal work
Christopher Nolan considers ‘Insomnia’ his most underrated, personal work

Christopher Nolan’s filmography is filled with acclaimed and commercially successful movies, but he considers one of his earliest works, “Insomnia,” to be his most underrated film. 

Released in 2002, “Insomnia” marked Nolan’s first collaboration with a major studio and his first film to surpass $100 million at the box office. Despite its achievements, Nolan believes it remains a hidden gem within his body of work.

In an interview for the book “The Nolan Variations,” the filmmaker expressed his pride in “Insomnia” and described it as one of his most personal films.

“The reality is it’s one of my most personal films in terms of what it was to make it. It was a very vivid time in my life.”

He highlighted the significance of the movie, as it was his first studio production and his introduction to working with renowned actors. Nolan regards the film’s making as a vivid time in his life, making it hold a special place in his heart.

Although overshadowed by the subsequent success of his Batman franchise, starting with “Batman Begins” in 2005, Nolan revealed that he often encounters filmmakers who express their interest in “Insomnia” or wish to discuss it. Despite its underrated status, the director stands by the film and acknowledges its value in his filmography.

While Nolan’s career has been defined by high-concept blockbusters like “Inception” and “The Dark Knight,” “Insomnia” represents the foundation of his creative style and storytelling techniques. With its intricate plot, unexpected twists, and exploration of human psychology, the film encapsulates the essence of Nolan’s unique vision.

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