Kate Middleton has clever ways of scolding her children when they misbehave in public

Kate Middleton has clever ways of scolding her children when they misbehave in public



Kate Middleton seems to be quite strict about etiquette as she shows zero tolerance to even her children if they misbehave or appear breaking rules.

Prince William’s wife Princess Kate, who is a very affectionate mother of three, was seen scolding her kids Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Louis ‘powerfully’ whenever they appeared ignoring their parents instructions.

However, the 40-year-old, who’s raising a future King as well as a high profile Prince and Princess, has clever ways of scolding her children when they misbehave in public.

During a memorial service for the late Prince Philip, Kate was seen telling her daughter, Princess Charlotte, to be quiet and used a “shh” sign with her index finger over her mouth.

Parenting expert and founder of Raising Remarkable Teenagers, Angela Karanja, spoke to Express.co.uk to explain the great parenting skills the Princess used at that moment.

She said: “I think what’s even more important is that Kate did not just correct, i.e. telling Charlotte to ‘shh’ and be quiet at that pivotal moment, but she took time to connect!”

She continued: “Throughout the event, especially notably at the beginning, there were several moments of connection. “For example, at the beginning when young Charlotte appears nervous, Kate leans over and whispers something that evidently cheers her up.”

The expert said this is a “powerful” tool when it comes to parenting and explained why. Angela added: “We notice a lot of connection before correction – which is a powerful and positive parenting skill that I encourage a lot with parents.”

Kate Middleton loses cool at George, Charlotte and Louis in public

At the Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Pageant in June, Prince Louis was seen sticking his tongue out at his mother, Kate apparently lost her cool and stared him to make him feel that his gesture was not good. 

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