Prince George bringing ‘new order of power’ to Firm as Prince Harry ‘gets clobbered’

Prince George bringing ‘new order of power’ to Firm as Prince Harry ‘gets clobbered’



Prince George is reportedly the ‘next in line’ and the ‘only person to clobber’ Prince Harry out of popularity.

This warning has been issued by royal author Valentine Low,

His admissions have been made in the book Courtiers: The Hidden Power Behind The Crown.

It sites an unnamed source who warns, He had this thing that he had a shelf life. He would compare himself with his uncle [Andrew]. He would say, ‘I have this time to make this impact.”

“Because I can until George turns 18, was the way he was thinking about it. ‘Then I will be the also-ran.’ He was genuinely thinking of it as, ‘I have this platform now, for a limited amount of time. I want to move forward, move forward.’”

This claim has also been backed by royal expert Eric Schiffer who believes, “Prince George and Princess Charlotte’s importance in the Royal Family as they grow up will clobber the UK fame of Harry and Meghan, and they have a high probability of doing the same outside Great Britain.”

“The death of someone he cares about is always difficult but [he is now] also facing a new order of power and of the crown. He has now been further reduced in terms of his influence.”

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