‘Love Island’ contestant Molly Marsh’s mother slams trolls

‘Love Island’ contestant Molly Marsh’s mother slams trolls



‘Love Island’ contestant Molly Marsh’s mother slams trolls
‘Love Island’ contestant Molly Marsh’s mother slams trolls

Mother of Love Island contestant Molly Marsh is calling out trolls for making up rumours about her family and sending hate to her daughter. She also went on to insist that her “three small roles” in Coronation Street did nothing to give her daughter an advantage.

The school teacher stated that people had been creating a false narrative about her career with some even going on to say that she works as a producer on ITV which is the reason Molly got selected for Love Island.

Adding more fuel to the fire was Molly being brought back to the show even after being dumped which led to many viewers claiming she was receiving an unfair advantage.

In a new interview, her mother Janet, had clarified that she played no part in her daughter’s casting and that she has lost sleep due to the unfair allegations. “I had heard about trolling from past series because we have always watched Love Island but until your name is being brought up and your family’s names… I couldn’t believe it’s that bad and that real.”

She continued: “We all know what Molly is like in real life and people presume… you read nasty comments and I think ‘that’s not my daughter, you haven’t got a clue.

They have made stuff up about me. I’ve been through it all as well. For me to read what people think about me… that is tough. It is made up. At one point I was an ITV producer and pulling strings when I was actually sitting at school teaching phonics to some year sevens!

We decided to stop reading all the rubbish because it’s not true and just somebody’s opinion. I’ve got to admit… once the episode finishes I try to go to bed but it’s really difficult to switch off. It is just haters but it’s very sad that people can be that nasty.” 

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