Prince Louis is ‘stealing the show’ in Royal Family popularity

Prince Louis is ‘stealing the show’ in Royal Family popularity



Prince Louis is stealing the show in Royal Family popularity
Prince Louis is ‘stealing the show’ in Royal Family popularity

Prince William’s youngest son, Prince Louis, is making the royal family likeable.

Royal experts Zoe Forsey and Russell Myers in a recent conversation noted how the young royal has benefitted his family amid ‘testing times.’

Speaking on the Pod Save The King podcast, Ms Forsey told Daily Mirror, said: “We saw a lot more of Prince Louis this year which I think has been a big hit.”

Talking about the Jubiless celebrations, she added: “I think it’s fair to say he stole the show with his great, little smiles… and climbing all over Kate during the pageant.”

Sharing his opinion, Mr Myers began: “He just absolutely stole the show… humanising the Royal Family at times. And certainly, it’s an age-old institution. It’s very, very difficult sometimes for the royals to feel and appear as a normal family but him messing around, putting his tongue out, poking his hand at his mum while she was frantically trying to get him to behave in front of the cameras, I thought was very, very sweet.

“That aspect of the Royal Family can only be a good thing because sometimes it all seems a bit alien… with the things that are going on in the world and how the Royal Family fits into our day-to-day lives. But I’m sure everybody could sympathise [with Kate] if they’ve ever had a naughty brother or sister, or a troublesome child or niece or nephew.” 

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