Will Prince Harry reveal ‘alleged racist’ in his memoir?

Will Prince Harry reveal ‘alleged racist’ in his memoir?



Will Prince Harry reveal alleged racist in his memoir?

There are speculations that Prince Harry could reveal the name of alleged ‘racist’ in his upcoming memoir.

 The Duke of Sussex will reveal the ‘alleged racist royal’ in his book, according to Katie Nicholl, the author of new book ‘The New Royals – Harry’. She added Meghan Markle’s husband will not hold back in the ghost-written book.

However, one royal commentator has claimed that there is a particular revelation that won’t be included in the book. Kinsey Schofield has suggested that Harry is unlikely to reveal who the ‘racist royal’ is.

Katie Nicholl went on saying: “I suspect we will hear more about growing up royal which will be very interesting and clearly his journey to find the one. Their love story will perhaps be retold. There is still a lot more he can say, there are conversations he can cover.”

Asked whether the royals, including William, would be “terrified” of the upcoming release, Nicholl answered: “I don’t think the royal family are terrified by anything, least of all of what is going to come next in Harry’s autobiography.”

“Whilst I think in this instance the palace’s lack of response is the right thing, there needs to be a shot across the bow from the palace to Harry and Meghan [Markle] that this is not going to be tolerated and this has to stop,” she said, alluding to the pair’s many claims.

Katie says: “He can reveal the alleged racist royal, he can reveal what William actually said in that text message which was so tantalising held up to Meghan but not screened to the rest of the world.”

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